A toast

January has swung around once again. The craze of holiday season has passed, and a fresh new year awaits. The start of a new year is of course a time for brewing up plans and setting goals. But I also love to look back a little and remember the the things that made the past year special. And looking back, I realize there’s one thing in particular that really gave a golden edge to my year.

It’s that wonderful fuzzy thing that comes in all shapes and sizes – friendship. I have at times tried to intentionally build friendships, but the best of them really just seem to happen. An oh, how we need it! In a culture dominated by work, commuting, social engagements and social media, I think we’re all a little starved for the real stuff. You know, those unique moments spent with the people who perhaps know us better than we know ourselves, who could care less about how productive we are and what we contribute to society, the ones we don’t need to entertain or impress because they’re happy just being around us…

These people are my lifelines. Each of my friendships is unique and valuable, but I have two friends who deserve an extra word of appreciation. It all started some 5 years ago during an exchange in France. I still wonder how it happened, but we just sort of became soul sisters from the start. We spent half a year of crazy adventures together in France, then we parted ways again. I had no idea what chance of survival our friendship would have with miles of ocean between us. But life has a way of surprising you. It’s five years later, and these two girls have never stopped being a part of my life.

The only explanation I have for the fact that our friendship has defied the logic of time and distance, is that God somehow meant this friendship to happen and to keep happening. Looking back on all the moments spent together – including a fabulous proposal, mad preparations, and a blast of a wedding party – I feel honored and grateful. I would like to lift a glass to friendship, Spirit-inspired and holy. Here’s to those precious people who remind us that we’re seen, heard, valuable just by being ourselves. Jec’hed mat!