City of theatricals
Of restless pedestrians
Goaded on by the wind
Down the teeming,
Chaotic streets

I breathe deeply the air
Now fresh, now tepid,
It bears the strains
Of a fiddle or guitar
To my eager ears

I stroll down the streets
My imagination on the loose
And dog the footsteps
Of Joyce, Wilde, and Shaw
In a world without end

They raise a pint
In a smoky corner of the Duke
Wondering at the foreign familiarity
Of a city that was their home

They gape at the hoards
Of that new specimen – the tourist
Here for fleeting visits
A day or two, no more

And some things yet remain unchanged
The Liffey’s sparkle
The restless always on the move
The homeless, the jobless,
With nothing but time on their hands
To idle away
On a cold Ha’penny bridge

– Bring us another one
And we’ll toast,
Clichés in a pint on a platter
To the movement and the languor
To the copper and the oak
To the humor and the melancholy
To the tales and the tragedies
To the singers and the silence
To those winding, crying
Cobblestoned streets.