The Leap

The countdown has begun… In exactly ten days, I am going to pronounce two words that will essentially influence the rest of my life. Two simple words which affirm a life-changing decision.

I do.

Two and a half years ago, we took a leap, unsure whether we’d fly, or land on rocks. As we fell, the wind caught under our wings and gently lifted us upwards. Our flight together began, a journey that would take us through many highs and lows. In the beginning, our newly found wings grew tired quickly, and more than once, we came dangerously close to hitting rock bottom. But we managed to fly on. At times the view was splendid, a wide and colorful horizon beckoning us on. Often, our view was clouded, and we could only see wat lay directly ahead of us.

Ten days from now, we start the next stage of our journey together. Will it feel much different? In ten days, we will take another leap, and this time, there is no way back. We’ve always been a pair to dive in headfirst, I think we love that rush of adrenaline. Even so, this time is different. Because this time, I have absolutely no doubt that you’re the one I want to fly on with for the rest of this life.

Even though my heart beats double time als my toes touch the edge of the cliff, I have no real fear. I’ve learned to trust these wings, and, even more, to trust the strong wind that will gently lift us onward and upward to new horizons.